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July 2015

-Thomas Charles Berndt, “Don’t Become A Circle Jerk-Express Yourself!”

Well, you finally got the band together that you thought was going to take you to the top, your playing out and even getting paid for your performances-but, are you ever going to break out of the weekend warrior gig stance? A note to self-BE ORIGINAL! The everyday band, playing those old and new cover songs is just a blanket for the meanwhile. If you are serious about your performances and taking that music to the next level, you have to stop playing other people’s music and sit down and write your own next hit song.

I see this too many times in a young artist’s career as he loads the car for that ever so popular gig in town playing the same old circles and getting nowhere in his/her careers as this leaves you unsatisfied in your adventure in the music scene with no out to the mainstream of the entertainment industry as we know it today. You must be original and strive to be yourself, as that is the image that you want to present along with your new songs for others to appreciate as well as purchase at your shows. Airplay will never be possible and no one will take you seriously if you are not represented by a business professional to do your negotiating and promote and market your talent. First, write your songs, practice them, perform them, and get the audiences approval, or possible disapproval! In this case, you will know to get back to the drawing board and discover yourself again. There will be trial and error until your baby is right there for you and everyone to enjoy! Second, find yourself a personal manager such as I (“Tiger’s Eye Den Worldwide Entertainment Firm”) to represent you and your material for future discovery with the major players in the entertainment/record label department.

Along with your discovery there are many more common ground applications such as:

*Performing Rights Societies (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC)

*Promotion/Marketing/Public Relations/Media/Press Kits

*Contracts & Negotiations (Bargaining To Get Paid For Your Performances)

*Talent/Booking Agencies (To Take The Show On The Road)

*Audio/Video Production & Retail/Wholesale Distribution Of Product (Generating Sales)

*Copyright Administration (To Safe Your Song Material From Sharks)

*The SuperStar Manager (You Will Need A Personal Manager (Me) To Represent Your Act Or 95% Of The Time You Will Be Denied Even A Chance As The Industry Professionals Will Not Even Work With You Or Have A “Meet & Greet.”


*Performances Must Be Flawless!


-Eudora Welty, “The Reading and Writing of Short Stories”

And, reader and writer, we can wish each other well. Don’t we after all want the same thing? A story of beauty and passion and truth?

-Joyce Cary, “The Mass Mind: A Piece of Modern Nonsense”

The “mass mind” is a delusion. How many dictators have been amazed when there rule, seemed so strong, has collapsed in a few hours, without a friend?

-Thomas Henry Huxley, “The Method of Scientific Investigation”

The method of scientific investigation is nothing but the expression of the necessary mode of working of the human mind…

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