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July 2015

Kay Hoffman- “To A Dear Friend”

Lou Ella Cullipher-“His Gifts!”

“My Nephew #TheManPrime!”

This is a story of an amazing young man who took it upon himself to discover new heights of himself while the whole world came crashing down right in front of him. My sister Cristina Boyd, God rest her beautiful soul, had passed away in the middle of the night. As I had went to pick her up in the morning to bring her for her doctor’s appointment, the Good Lord called her home, only to leave three little boy’s behind with me. The other two brother’s Miller (the oldest) and D.J. (the youngest) were not at the house that morning. I had to wake up Dominique (#TheManPrime) only to let him know of the loss. We have grown close, and apart as my Mother, God rest her soul, had passed away the year prior and none of us had a place to go anymore for family events or any kind of tender loving care. Destiny has it that we all have grown into fine men and Rock-N-Roll is a huge part of all of our lives! We have great faith in the Good Lord and are all extremely talented as well as blessed if I do say so myself! The meaning of this story is to let you all know that no matter what, there is a light at the end of this tunnel on the big blue ball we ride daily. Never give up and live, love and prosper my friends! For one day we will all be soulful in the heaven’s above dancing the big dance together as one anyhow! Make your dreams a reality NOW! God Bless us all~


“Habits You Should Live By To Be Successful!” – (Top Ten)

#!- Hold Back-To-Back Meetings

#2- Read Voraciously

#3- Constantly Triage Your To-Do List

#4- Use Technology For Personal Relationship Management (PRM)

#5- Block Time On Your Calendar According To Tasks

#6- Connect With Your Passion

#7- Limit The Time Spent On Email Everyday

#8- Spend Time Outside Everyday

#9- Focus On Two To Three Things Per Day

#10- Have A Family Dinner/Get Home On Time!

MobsterTiger- “On The Modern Day Outlook”

As we see everyday on the news it is nothing but disaster, killings, rape, and murder. To open a new view of our life we must steer clear of the mundane network of society and the negative aspects that we see and deal with on a daily basis. We as humans must look to the sky and not the ground for our answers. We were created for a purpose driven life and must conquer the day with much courage as well as happiness as the good Lord intended.

But, first we must love ourselves,  before interjecting any relevant love for another. Sure, you can show kindness, sympathy, be genuine, smile a lot, but don’t hang yourself trying to make somebody love you or feel the same way that you feel! The modern day outlook is full of negativity that should not be brought home with you after a day of work, take hold of the horse and tell it with your heart where to lead you emotionally, and instruct the positive side of things to take that ever glorious ride with you and the people that you love and cherish!

Live to ride and ride to live that horse of a positive nature and live, love and prosper that purpose driven life and direct your talent in a positive, yet loving way to show your humane and not struck by the benevolent’s of society! Keep your head, “on the modern day outlook” my friends!

-Arthur C. Clarke, “Where’s Everybody?”

At this moment of time, when humanity stands upon the threshold of space and has already launched its first vehicles beyond the atmosphere, there is a centuries-old question which presses more and more urgently for an answer. In almost any astronomy book you will find a chapter devoted to the subject: ” Is there life on other worlds?” – the answer given depending upon the optimism of the author and the period in which he is writing (for there are fashions in astronomy as in everything else).

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“Today Is Your Night!”

“Today Is Your Night!”.

“A Selected Bibliography” – Mars

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