#MobsterTiger Cinematography! #DronesAreMyFriends


images (7)*What Is A Drone? – A drone is an aircraft that does not have an on-board human pilot. Although the word can be used to refer to land, water and space vehicles, we will focus on aircraft. However, many of the categories discussed below are equally applicable to non-flying drones.

*Most drones have some degree or autonomous operation. That is, at least some aspects of a drone’s operation is controlled internally. This requires an on-board computer and software. Vehicles that require a human to control every aspect of operation, such as a hobbyist’s remote controlled airplane, are generally not considered drones.

*Drone Intellectual Property- Innovators in the drone technology industry are taking steps to protect their investment in new technological products, and services. In most situations, patents are the best form of intellectual property to protect drone technologies and companies in the drone industry and have also been filing large…

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