Stevie Ray strides into the room, looking sharp, as usual! He’s sporting his signature snakeskin boots, a grey Late Night With David Letterman tee-shirt tucked into his blue denim jeans and a cool black denim jacket over that with the face of Dr. Martin Luther King boldly emblazoned across the back. And though the apparel hasn’t changed all that much- the same flamboyant Texan bohemian fashions that he flaunted some five years ago when we first met- there’s still a new look to the man, a new vibe.

Gone are the bleary eyes and the telltale stagger. Gone is the booze and coke haze that hung over the band and crew like a heavy shroud. A new spirit of positiveness permeates the entire entourage, right down to the roadies, soundmen and lighting crew. Like Stevie Ray, they’ve all come clean. Two years ago, he’d more than likely be waving a…

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