It was the warm night of August 26th, 1990-5:00pm to be exact, when I arrived for the festivities to begin as Stevie Ray Vaughan was ready to take the stage in East Troy, Wisconsin. The ticket read Eric Clapton And His Band with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble plus The Robert Cray Band featuring The Memphis Horns.

The crowd was amazing as the show had been sold out for weeks! It was Clapton playing his blues, Robert Cray lighting it up a tad more, then the monster Tex-Mex blues chords that Stevie Ray poured out of the monitors as if the sky was crying and the ground was shaking along to the tremble of this blues master hot in his game of bringing the house down! I had never heard such an amazing sound of soul power piercing my body like a sledgehammer touching my heart with every riff.

As the night progressed, the three bluesmen were all in a jam session of pure striking admiration for one another as they took the stage as one unit and played their guitars like nothing I had ever witnessed before. The crowd was singing along and swaying, dancing to the beat of a tribute the past blues players would have been delighted with!  Chills were up, then down my spine.

When the show was over, everyone seemed as if this night of unbelievable talent from this nothing but class Texan and his band Double Trouble was embedded in their souls. Many were camping for the night and I was playing hacky-sack trying to come down a bit from this WOW!, when a D.J. cut-in on a song that was playing from Stevie Ray, and it was as if the Hindenberg had just went down. Stevie was pronounced dead at the scene along with Clapton’s manager. The two were headed back to Chicago as this was the end of the tour and all Mr. Vaughan wanted to do was see his beautiful wife and hold her tight after his long battle with alcohol and drugs. All I can say is he touched my soul with his music to this very day. I will listen and play his music till the Good Lord calls me home. R>I>P> & God Bless the Vaughan family as we still have a Thunderbird in Family Style brother Jimmy Vaughan. Thanks for letting Stevie use your guitar. BROTHERS TIL THE END OF TIME-PEACE AND LOVE.